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download cache

Тема в разделе "Файлы", создана пользователем protanos, 3 авг 2009.

  1. protanos

    protanos хз

    Неплохая фишка для аос... читаем внимательно



    <!--QuoteBegin-zeroflag;1100115+--><div class='quotetop'>ЦИТАТА(zeroflag;1100115)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteEBegin-->WARNING: This tool is still alpha status! I will not be held responsible if anything goes wrong, you have been warned. :p

    Hey everyone,

    it's another one of those days where I got annoyed by issues in AoC and my code editor was in range... :rolleyes:

    Download: AoC Download Cache

    Usage Guide:
    <ol type='1'><li>Download and install DC (Download Cache)</li><li>Run DC</li><li>Enable Cache -> "Download Missing" and (recommended but not required) "Download Updated Hash Indices"</li><li>DC will start scanning your RDB and will (eventually) start downloading missing content.
    <ul><li>When it started downloading it will say "Downloading... [123456/234567] xy.za%"</li><li>When it didn't find anything to download it will say "Finished Downloading" in the log.</li><li>(recommended but not required) you should not start AoC before DC either started or finished downloading. (unless you have 4 or more GB of RAM in which case it doesn't really matter)
    <ul><li>DC should say "Reduced index by xy entries.". After that it's "safe®" to start AoC.</li></ul></li></ul></li><li>Start AoC (either with the button in DC or with your usual shortcut)
    <ul><li>You can run AoC while DC is downloading.</li><li>You have to run DC before starting AoC to allow them to connect.</li></ul></li></ol>

    To run the AoC Patcher:
    <ol type='1'><li>(recommended but not required) Quit DC.
    <ul><li>DC usually can't do anything for the patcher and</li><li>DC might cause problems when there's an update for AoC.</li></ul></li><li>Run the AoC Patcher with your usual AoC shortcut.
    <ul><li>It should not skip the patcher while DC isn't running.</li></ul></li></ol>
    Problems with Patcher:
    if you ran the AoC Patcher while DC was running and it downloaded/installed an update, you might have to follow these steps:<ol type='1'><li>Quit DC. (required this time)</li><li>Browse to your AoC folder.</li><li>Run PatcherSetup.exe</li><li>After the patcher is done (when it offers you the "Play" button)</li><li>Quit the Patcher.</li><li>Run DC.</li><li>Start AoC.</li></ol>

    So, what is a "Download Cache"?
    As some of you might know, there is some content (items, textures, Ymir's Pass) missing in the RDB after the updater finished, and when the game encounters such a missing content item, it will download it... :confused:
    Problem with that is, it's slow, it freezes AoC and the download server is even slower making the whole thing ridiculously annoying. :p

    While I still don't dare to write the RDB and index files myself, I have found a way to make the download process A LOT faster:
    by having a download-server on my PC.

    Things the tool can do:
    <ul><li>Instantaneously respond to content-requests made by the game, curing (some) freezes.</li><li>It can scan the RDB-index, identify missing content and download it (while the game is running, or while the game isn't running, doesn't matter), storing it in a local cache.
    <ul><li>Select "Cache" from the menu</li><li>Click on "Download Missing"</li><li>Note: can be up to 20GB - don't blame me, blame Funcom. ;)</li></ul></li><li>Any content-download done by the game will be stored in the cache - so if you re-install the game, the missing content won't be re-downloaded as well.</li><li>It automatically replaces the LocalConfig.xml with it's own, and (should) automatically restore the old one when it closes.</li><li>It can (Auto-)Start AoC (the big button!)</li><li>It can install AoC Quick Start (to disable the updater, should also avoid the configuration-error some people got with the zerofix package)</li><li>It can override certain files automatically - which I used to include: *drumroll*
    <ul><li>My "advanced" bloom shader. :-D
    <ul><li>It might not be a perfect bloom,</li><li>it's far from a HDR filter (which the game claims to have but doesn't),</li><li>it's a tiny bit slower than the original bloom (but you shoulnd't have bloom activated in the first place if you're worried about performance)</li><li>it's a matter of taste but</li><li>nonetheless, it looks A HELL (my opinion) of a lot better than the default-effect provided by AoC</li></ul></li><li>You can install it like this:
    <ul><li>Select "Cache" from the menu</li><li>In the list to the left select the entry that says "[Disabled] zeroflag's enhanced bloom effect..."</li><li>Select "OverrideEnabled" on the right side and set it to "True"</li><li>Repeat for the other [Disabled] entry in the list.</li><li>Close the window (it will ask you whether you want to save, select Yes)</li><li>Run the AoC Updater to "download" the shaders.</li><li>Note: Only tested it on a 260^2GTX and a 8800GTS320, if anyone is having issues, let me know.</li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
  2. Zaratul

    Zaratul SWTOR

    и без нее моя 8800GTX 768Mb выдает по 70-80 кадров в секунду на высоких настройках с тенями.
    кто-то эту прогу еще весной рекомендовал.