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Информация по классу Некромант

Тема в разделе "Necromancer (Некромант)", создана пользователем Nicolas, 17 июн 2008.

  1. Klen

    Klen Слакерша

    ))) почти у всех некров такои билд, у меня очень похожии)))) Белые петы рулят еще в дуэлях и еще против многих классов лучше вызывать 3 белых петы и 2 вора)))  
  2. znaech

    znaech Registered

    а по другому и быть не может)
  3. Klen

    Klen Слакерша

    Может, есть очень хорошие наитфольные негры))) 
  4. znaech

    znaech Registered

    в плане некры же...все равно все похоже...это ж не демоны..
  5. Klen

    Klen Слакерша

    ? эм? не похожи. есть петоводы есть наитфольные есть смешанные. и петоводные бывают разными ))) сеичас на мини рулят бомбы и 2 боших пета)))) 
  6. Нургл

    Нургл Registered

    я вот не понял перк на спелл суприм лич,это я трасформнусь навсегда в лича и буду ногебадь?)))или в лича на какое то время,а потом кд пойдет?
  7. protanos

    protanos хз

    тело трансформируется в лича пока висит эта абилка... она дает +45маг урона +60% защиты от фира... остальное не помню)))

    З.Ы, форма выглядит ужасно(((
  8. Нургл

    Нургл Registered

    мдя,что постоянная форма эт хорошо,но что выглядит убого эт плохо((
  9. Ursa

    Ursa Registered


    Вот оно. Тьфу.
  10. Нургл

    Нургл Registered

    да уж,это потеря потерь.
  11. Нургл

    Нургл Registered

    Necromancer Advocate Report

    Advocate: Abesworth

    Date: 12 May 2010

    Despoil the Soul - Since Necromancer spells have a low base damage, a substantial portion of their spell damage comes from Despoil the Soul. Unfortunately, many abilities available to the Necromancer (Arcanist's Knowledge, Tome of Elrik, Ritual of the Liche, Sacrifice, Bursting Bomb, Frozen Body, Corrupted Soul, Flash Freeze, Ice Shards, Mark of the Devourer, Grip of Death, Frost Reach, Embrace Death and Bones of Frost) all increase the base damage of spells irrespective of any bonus to magic damage the Necromancer receives from items or Despoil the Soul.

    The effects are twofold: 1) Often times these feats only give marginal increases to a Necromancer with Despoil the Soul active, and 2) Necromancer spell coefficients are balanced around Despoil the Soul (+800 magic damage). Balancing coefficients in this manner is problematic because you end up having to minimize the impact that +magic damage gear has on a Necromancer. To balance despoil the soul (and possibly piercing corruption) many Necromancer spells have very low damage coefficients, making the contribution to damage they receive from gear, less than desirable. This penalizes Necromancer's who wish to increase their damage through items. Virtually every other class can gain a substantial boost to damage with items.

    Soul Frost - Exorbitant mana cost, low damage co-efficient, and it does not recover much mana. Currently no reasonable use for this feat.

    Decay - Exorbitant mana cost, low damage co-efficient, and it does not recover much health. Currently no reasonable use for this feat.

    Blasphemed Flesh - Such a small increase for an ability that is so highly situational. Currently no reasonable use for this feat.

    Ravenous Souls - Two points to give +20 damage/hit on a rarely seen pet. Currently no reasonable use for this feat.

    Soul Absorption - With two points invested you can sacrifice a one point minion for 586 mana, or a two point minion for 1319 mana. It really seems like a pittance for a deeper tiered feat with a cool down. Pet based Necromancer's are rarely hurting for mana badly enough to use this feat, and a despoil based Necromancer is not going to keep a pet on hand for such a small increase. Currently no reasonable use for this feat.

    Death Eater - Similar to the above, you can sacrifice a pet for +416 health and a 36 point heal every 7 seconds. Since this buff lasts one minute, it might be useful to the Pet based Necromancer in a pinch. Since it's a one point feat and on the way to other pet based feats it's not entirely without use, but it could almost certainly use an improvement.

    Sacrifice - Sacrifice a one point pet for 22% damage for 20seconds, or a two point for 40% for 20 seconds. In reality this translates to about 60 extra damage per ice strike for a two point pet. Put another way, it is 600 extra damage if you get 20 seconds of uninterrupted casting, or less if you have to rebuff two ranks of despoil the soul. Highly Situational at best, could use improvement.

    Grip of Death - If left uninterrupted for the full duration, Grip of Death provides the Necromancer with highly mana efficient damage. However, the damage it provides is sorely lacking. Consider raising the coefficient, bringing back the debuff, removing the los requirement, or expanding piercing corruption to include Drip of Death. As it stands, I see no reasonable use for this feat.

    Shatter - 3 minute cool down with additional set up for a spell that does less damage than chill. I have heard that this feat is useful in certain pve encounters, but my guild does tier 1 and tier 2 without it. No reasonable use for this feat.

    Embrace Death - Small bonus, mildly useful in AoE grinding situations but pretty lackluster for a level 50 feat.

    Plagued Heart Curse - I do appreciate the quick casting aoe functionality this feat received, but fully feated with DTS 8 it does about 30 damage and has a pretty low proc rate. This feat needs some additional functionality to be worth 400 mana and investing so many feat points.

    Wretched Heart Curse - Fully feated it provides a chance to proc a 6% heal over 8 seconds. Really not much benefit here. Similar to Plagued Heart Curse, it needs an increase.

    Ritual of the Liche - Short Duration and a long cool down for what amounts to 100 extra damage on ice strike and some tap rating. Really not worth investing 11 points for this.
    Currently, pet specialized Necromancer's enjoy success in 1v1 or small group world pvp. This, of course stems from their ability to inflict substantial damage relatively free from danger. However, during mini games or sieges pet specialized Necromancer are not particularly useful.Their pets die simply from being caught in two or three area effect damage spells or even a single combo from a melee class. Perhaps it is intended that pet specialized Necromancer are meant to be less successful in pvp outside of duels, if that is the case, it has been largely successful. However; I think adding some options for increasing the survivability or utility of pets would greatly assist the pet specialized Necromancer in achieving success in PvP outside of duels.


    Infestation - Currently incurs a large hindrance while engaged in world pvp, as infestation often infests guards. DoT's in general seem to incur guard agro on each tick rather than on the initial cast. This can make it difficult to pvp in popular spots (i.e. kesh), because of all the guard aggro a Necromancer inadvertently incurs.
    Pets are still temporarily freezing when commands are issued.
    Some necromancers report pets still randomly die.
    Pets no longer respawn with their master after death.
    The spells o of some pets (4+ point mage pets), count as being cast by the Necromancer. The damage coeffiecnts (or how bonus damage is calculated - it's hard to tell) is currently messed up. Also, pet feats no longer work on these pets. Demonologists currently have a similar problem with a few of their pets; however, while demo pets end up being overpowered by this bug - necro pets are still lackluster.

    Spell Animations

    Currently, the following spells are currently without animations/particle effects:
    Life Leech- No particle effect.
    Plague Swarm - Currently lacking any particle effect or casting animation.
    Mark of the Devourer/Flesh to worms seem to share the same effect.


    Many of the new PvP items - most notably rings (both highlord and warlord), and weapons (both talisman and staff) are worse than crafted/tier gear. Please make caster gear not suck.

    Alternate Advancement:


    Empowered Ice Strike +5% dmg. Descent filler.

    Empowered Pestilential Blast +5% dmg. Descent filler.

    Empowered Flesh to Worms +10% dmg. Descent filler.

    Extended Flesh to Worms +5sec duration. Descent filler.

    Improved Frenzy -10 seconds recast time. Descent filler.

    Unearthly Apprentice spell - Choice of 6/8pt pet that mimics spells of the caster. This is a really nice caster pet. Unfortunately it does not get any of the bonuses you might spec for pets, and seems better to use on a Nightfall Necro than a Reanimation Necro. Survivability is, seems like most pets - exceptionally low.

    Bug Report: Deathly Blizzard fails to provide debuff or elemental torment.

    This may be related to the recently introduced bug where 4 point pet damage is showing up under the Necromancer's own spell damage, and and feats such as cabal are failing to proc.

    Funeral Rights - AoE Draw Forth The Heart. Good PvE Perk I suppose. Shatter seems somewhat popular and this allows you to get the primary benefit of shatter without gimping your feat build.

    Decay of Nature - Added DoT on Lifestrike. 4.5 sec duration, around 130 damage per tick/second with dts x 8 & culture gear. Seems a bit weak to me, but I guess having some more damage will be appealing to some. I would like to see it damage stamina/mana if you have those abilities feated for life strike. It would at least provide some situational benefit to this ability.


    Nightmare Companions - Small AoE 4 sec duration stun (2 sec cast time), cancels all pets/dts and summons 3(4 if you spec for slaughter wraith/liche) Slaughter Wraiths that disappear after 20 seconds. Seems like a useful addition, although highly situational.


    Supreme Liche - Toggle Buff: +60% fear, +10% unholy, +45.5 magic damage, +7.5% base spell damage. 60% Fear immunity will provide a well geared character almost total immunity to fear. Otherwise, the damage bonus is pretty lackluster.

    Withered Blasphemy - A second blasphemy that gives the Withered Soul buff. It is pretty good for a one slot ability I think. Particularly given the available options.

    Chilling Breath - Increases Coefficient/Cast time of Ice Strike. This feat is alright, it basically gives you a slightly less damage more mana efficient version of a detonated chill. I really like the idea of a benefit that comes with a disadvantage, I would probably consider using this with Withered Blasphemy if Supreme Liche or Nightmare companions were not going to be so powerful in PvP.

    Improved Tome of Epithur - Kind of a joke. Fully feated you get -2minutes on a 15 minute cool down ability that is really weak.

    Extended Pestilential Blast - +5 duration. Descent filler.

    Expanded Quell the Ether - Increased duration/lower cool down. Descent Filler.

    Improved Ice Shackle - Cool down reduced 10 seconds. Descent filler.

    Empowered Parasitic Soul Swarm - 5% Damage. I do not know anyone who uses this in PvE - let alone PvP. This is not even a descent filler ability.

    Critigation: At a 60% chance to critigate with 30%+ reduction - Necromancers seem in for a world of trouble in PvP. Please be mindful of this. Consider removing a worthless PvP perk such as empowered parasitic soul swarm and adding a tenacity buff.

    I am concerned with all the "filler" feats +5% dmg to xxx. These feats seem common to every class, but they have a disparate impact on balance. Classes like Necromancer with very low base spell damage receive next to nothing from +10% flesh to worms for instance. Even though Flesh to Worms is one of our primary spells.

    Funcom seemed to have taken cognizance of this fact with 1.05 feats, but perhaps forgot with the AA system?


    Necromancer's typically develop a feat specialization with the idea of being focused on either Pets or Despoil the Soul. However, crucial feats for each specialization route are buried beneath feats that offer no benefit to that spec. The result is that Necromancer's are often times frustrated with the feeling that they are forced to "waste" feat points in order to obtain feats seen as crucial or desirable. Consider moving the following feats into their opposite specialization tree, or making them accessible without "wasting" points: Bursting Bomb (At least the bonus chill damage), The Devourer and Unholy Inspiration.


    As mentioned earlier, many Necromancer feats range from useless to lackluster. The Necromancer has the potential to be a very dynamic class but at the moment is suffering from a lack of feat specialization options. The current implementation of Despoil the Soul creates a real issue with how Necromancer's benefit from feats, abilities and items. While pet based Necromancer's are relegated to success in limited types of encounters. My inclination is that pet based necromancer's could be improved by adding greater variation to their pets. A possible example could include, giving Arcanist's (lower dps casting pets which are relatively unused) greater spell invulnerabilities, so that the Necromancer's pets wouldn't fall in just a couple of area effect spells during mini games and sieges. Nightfall necromancer's could be given greater tools (during a feat revamp) to succeed at a particular niche. Personally I think of Necromancer's as specializing in the use of life taps and debuffs, yet Necromancer's are not particularly adept at either. In fact, their debuffs are pretty much the worst of all casters. Moving forward I hope the developers see the need for giving Necromancer's meaningful feat options. It will not only make the class more enjoyable to play but easier to balance.
  12. Ордо

    Ордо Registered

    Подскажите чисто ПВЕ билд.
    Петовода и не Петовода, и что нибудь среднее)
    И совет какой лучше выбрать =)

    Такой билд нормальный? http://aoc.yg.com/ru/feat-planner?class=41...4106-25,4100-23

    Заранее спасибо.
  13. RoToZ

    RoToZ Firewind

    Подскажите пвп билд плиз
  14. Klen

    Klen Слакерша

  15. znaech

    znaech Registered

    у меня примерно почти тоже самое..
  16. Klen

    Klen Слакерша

    сеичас у всех потчи тоже самое +- фит
  17. znaech

    znaech Registered

    да вот мысли может в сумрак полный податься попробывать...
  18. mitrich

    mitrich Registered

  19. Sheron

    Sheron Registered

    Если это пве билд, то ещё более-менее. Если это пвп билд, то он плоховат. Много лишних скилов которых в пвп не нужны.
  20. Klen

    Klen Слакерша

    по моему он и там и там не аис. общую вообще не вижу смысла брать, только если на щиты и то стока фитов отдавать, ну нафиг.